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| August 30, 2022

Robert Levine founded the Levine Group in 1963 and faithfully served his clients until his retirement in 2014.  Robert passed on August 27th survived by his wife Ann of 61 years.  He leaves behind quite the legacy as his son Mike and grandson Zach carry on his professional legacy. 

He was one of the kindest and sweetest men I’ve ever known and was instrumental in my development as a young financial advisor.  My appreciation for the wisdom and encouragement he gave me early in my career can’t be overstated.

Bob’s gift was his ability to connect, relate, and genuinely care for others and that served him well, bringing him many dear friends and clients.  He will be greatly missed by many, but his memory and legacy in our office are very much alive and active.

The Weekly Market Review written by Michael Higley has been a tool I have used to communicate to clients for over fifteen years.  This week’s Weekly Market Review is Michael’s last as he is retiring.  His reflections in this week’s WMR are full of wisdom and I encourage you to think about how your life differs from 19 years ago.  His Notable Number section is substituted this week by “Lessons Learned” and they too are full of golden nuggets or truth and wisdom.  I’ve learned how true both numbers one and two are and number four is a very sobering way to thing about the aging process. 

Thank you Michael for all the years of providing this insightful weekly review.  Thank you Bob, for being who you were and for doing all you did.  Your life was big and full!

As always, we hope you find this week’s Weekly Market Review both informative and interesting.

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Trevor N. Coe, CFP®