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| September 22, 2021

As I type this the market is moving downward in a an ugly day of trading, mostly for concerns around a giant Chinese real estate company, Evergrande, possibly not being able to cover debt obligations.  The ripple effect on banks and other creditors who have business deals with Evergrande could spell financial challenges. 

As you can read, this week’s Weekly Market Review summarizes the multiple upcoming challenges our lawmakers face that very well could have consequences for the investment markets.  Additionally, as the 2nd paragraph details, the consequences could extend well beyond the markets and into the mid-term elections.

Notable Number 4 in the WMR is a stern reminder that you need to have your investment growing.  Unfortunately for conservative investors, inflation over the last twelve months has tripled the yield earned on a 10-year US treasury. 

We have been busy helping investors reshape their expectations for their stocks and bonds and evaluate other investments as an attempt to earn more or lower portfolio risk.  With both stocks and bonds, the returns achieved in the last three to five years will likely be impossible to achieve in the next three to five years given the interest rate environment and current level of the markets.  While that is disappointing to hear, that reality of that coming to fruition and not being a surprise allows for better and more accurate financial planning.  Better planning leads to having more certainty in how to reach your financial goals!

As always we hope you find the Weekly Market Review both informative and interesting.

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Trevor N. Coe, CFP®