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Trevor's Weekly Market Reviews

Trevor's Weekly Market Reviews

| December 27, 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!  2019 has been a remarkable year with investors experiencing returns that haven’t been rivaled since 1997, when I was graduating senior from Russellville High School.  As with every year end, it is an opportunity to take stock of what is in your portfolio, understand your portfolio’s risk, and set financial goals for the upcoming year.  Our office is well-prepared to support you with those matters and we look forward to continuing to help you achieve financial successes in the new decade. 

Thank you greatly for the opportunity to work for you and your loved ones.  We wish you all the warmest greetings this holiday season and pray that 2020 will be a happy and healthy year…and if the returns for 2020 are half as good as 2019 we will take that too!

As always, we hope you find the attached Weekly Market Review both informative and interesting. 

Click HERE for the Weekly Market Review

Trevor N. Coe, CFP

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