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Trevor's Weekly Market Reviews

Trevor's Weekly Market Reviews

| January 13, 2020

Surprising to many, the stock market did not crash last week amidst tension and military activity between the US and Iran.  As you will read in the Weekly Market Review, the stock market has recently demonstrated over and over again, that it is mostly immune to negative news not related to corporate earnings or profitability.  So, the bull run continues, at least for the time being.   

I’ve included a JP Morgan weekly recap that contains a “Thought of the week” which lays out a compelling case for decreasing your US stock exposure and increasing your non-US stock exposure.  An argument for making these allocation changes could have been made for several years now and while non-US stocks have done well, those US company’s stocks have been better.  JP Morgan’s commentary suggest that won’t always be true and I agree, however, when will the international equity markets take the lead is an impossible question to know the answer to.

The Weekly Market Review provides very interesting statistics about the number of men vs. women in the US work-force and surprising statistics and trends around gender numbers hired in the last year. 

As always, we hope you find the Weekly Market Review commentary and Notable Numbers for the week both informative and interesting. 

Click HERE for the Weekly Market Review

Click HERE for the JP Morgan Weekly Recap


Trevor N. Coe, CFP

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