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Trevor's Weekly Market Reviews

Trevor's Weekly Market Reviews

| June 24, 2019

Please find attached this week’s Weekly Market Review.  Contained within are summations of the Fed’s meeting last week and the market’s expectation of the Fed’s future action related to interest rates.  Also noted is this week’s important discussions between trade teams from the US and China.  Based on last week’s all-time high mark set by the market’s; investors appear to be optimistic about these discussions.

Take notice of Notable Number 4 in comparison with the information below.

Interesting fact:  The US stock market represents about 55% of the globe’s publicly traded companies from a dollar amount perspective.  The US population of just over 329 million people represents about 4.27% of the globe’s population which is estimated to be over 7.5 billion.  Stop and give that a little thought.  By the way, the global population is growing by about 83 million people per year.  The demand for goods and services has never been higher and will continue to increase.  Companies who are able to position themselves well against their competitors and do business globally have a remarkable opportunity over the long haul which should excite investors.

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Have a good week.

Trevor N. Coe, CFP®

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