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Trevor's Weekly Market Reviews

Trevor's Weekly Market Reviews

| April 20, 2021

How can something fifty times thinner than a human hair be mass produced and highly critical to nearly every facet of our lives?  Notable Number 3 in this week’s Weekly Market Review details this unbelievably thin and fragile element that we all rely on so heavily.  Advancements in technology are changing the world we live in faster than ever before and the pace of change is likely to continue to speed up, rather than slow down.  If you are like me, it sometimes feels like technology makes things messier or harder at first, but if I’m being honest about it, after the initial period of adapting to the changes, technology has greatly enhanced my life and likely yours also. 

I do appreciate the weekly screen time summary Apple sends me each Sunday morning; even though I’ve never asked for it.  It’s a good reminder that like most of us, I spend too much time looking at my little screen.  I rationalize the time because much of my work involves my phone these days, but I have a goal to look at the small screen less and the real world in front of me more. 

I believe and hope that many of the innovations in technology moving forward will aim to reduce our time spent looking at screens (big or small).  Functions such as artificial intelligence and self-driving cars will aim to give us time back to focus our thoughts and energy in other directions.  Us old timers can resist and resent this movement, but it is happening all around us regardless of how we feel about it.  My advice, learn to embrace the change and utilize it in ways that give you time back to do the important things in life, and to focus more on things you love like your faith, family, friends, and hobbies.

As always, we hope you find this week’s Weekly Market Review both informative and interesting.  Have a great week! 

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Trevor N. Coe, CFP®